Streamline Servers established in 2007, is already renowned for its reliability and quality products worldwide. Streamline currently offers hosting for a variety of titles including Counter-Strike Source, Call of Duty series, Minecraft as well as other specialist needs such as Teamspeak and Mumble voice servers. The Streamline vision is to offer a service that is primarily concerned with quality service and high uptime. Prices vary but are widely regarded as more than reasonable and definitely worth the quality product.
Why Choose Us?
  • Simple but powerful TCAdmin control panel.
  • Automated server installation.
  • State of the art equipment hosted at the most reliable data centres.
  • No hidden fee's or contracts.
Friendly Support
Our staff strive to ensure customer satisfaction and are experienced in all areas of Game Server management. We provide friendly and helpful support to all of our clients and are more than happy to help with any issues encountered. You can contact us via support ticket here.
Powerful Hardware
Our game servers operate on a dedicated platform boasting powerful Intel Xeon E5 CPUs . This means each game server is guaranteed the resources it needs and has direct access to them. No overselling, no Hypervisor deciding what gets what.
Better Experience
Unlike some GSP's out there, we maintain friendly relationships with our clients. Meaning whilst we are going above and beyond to provide our clients the best service possible, our hosts are going above and beyond for us. All this results in a better experience for you.
Streamline Mascot
We get this question a lot, what happened to the Streamline Servers robot logo?
Don't worry, our original logo that everyone knows and loves is still around. He has just been immortalised as our company’s new mascot! Streamline Mascot