Worldwide Expansions and New HPGS Plus Range

The last month has been crazy for everyone involved at Streamline Servers. Flying from Queensland, to Singapore, back to Queensland then off to Sydney. No, we didn’t stop there, straight back off to Perth & Melbourne and now over to America!

Releasing HPGS Plus!

We have finally finished the testing and building of our new HPGS Plus range. These servers feature the latest Skylake-X CPUs overclocked to 5GHz. These servers have been tweaked to provide the best possible performance and further build on the high-quality reputation Streamline Servers has become known for.

HPGS+ boasts pure performance orientated parts:

What is HPGS?

High Performance Game Servers (HPGS) nodes boast the latest and greatest hardware for the gaming scene. Over countless hours we have tinkered these machines in order to provide heavily overclocked systems to the gaming market.

Why does HPGS+ differ?

Depending on location, our High Performance Game Servers range from 4.3GHz to 4.7GHz. With our new HPGS+ range, we have incorporated new hardware which have been fine-tuned and stress tested for weeks on end. Due to our custom 1U water cooling units, this has enabled us to now hit 5GHz with 100% stability, providing the best solutions for those wanting premium overclocked hardware.

We also performed upgrades in Singapore!

Singapore, the heart of business Asia has become one of the fastest growing locations for Streamline Servers. It almost feels as though the moment we release equipment here it sells out… That’s why our team flew to Singapore early last week to perform more upgrades!

While there, we rolled out a lot of new equipment such as;

- Additional HPGS systems
- New HPGS Plus systems
- Provisioned additional Dedicated Servers
- Upgraded our core network by installing redundant Juniper switch

What’s to come for Streamline Servers?

- We will be releasing more HPGS Plus systems across several of our global networks in the coming weeks
- Streamline Servers will also be releasing a new location at the end of this month!

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