Conan Exiles Update Highlights - Update 34

Conan Exiles Update Highlights - Update 34

Funcom has released a new patch for Conan Exiles, coming in at a whopping 3.4 gigabytes for game clients. The update introduces a large number of fixes, new features, and new content.

You can read the full patch notes on the official Funcom forums, here.


In order for your users to connect, you will need to manually update your servers via the StreamLine Panel and selecting the Steam Update option.



Important Notes for Server Admins

With each update for the game, we’re going to be taking the time to go through the patch notes and identify key parts of the patch notes that are relevant for server administrators.


We’ll do our best to explain what these changes mean for you so that you may run your server effectively.


Thrall Hunger

With the new update comes a new gameplay mechanic that requires players to feed their captured Thralls regularly. The maximum number of days that a Thrall can go unfed for is seven, with the rate of damage beyond the seven days to be configured via the new server config variable that we’ve listed for you below.


StarvationDamagePenaltyCap= <value>

<value> represents the percentage of maximum damage that a thrall can take if going hungry for 7 ingame days, between a value of 0.0000 (max 0% over time) to 1.0000 (max 100%, leading to the possible death of thralls). By setting the value to 0.0000, you can disable the mechanic altogether.


New Variables

You can find the alter the new variables from the following filepath, however you’ll either need to add them manually or login via the in-game admin menu with your RCON password and alter the values for them to be inserted by the game.

File Manager > ConanSandboxSavedConfigWindowsServerServerSettings.ini


Here are the default ServerSettings.ini config values if you want to add them in yourself. Remember to restart your server for it to take effect.











That’s all the relevant changes for server admins! See anything in the update that we missed? Shoot us an email!

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