Take control over your bare metal dedicated server

Typically when you think bare metal dedicated servers, you think power, performance and security but not always ease of use. Why is that? Why can’t controlling your bare metal server be as efficient and as easy as a cloud instance?

“Solutions” to this problem do exist on the market, however in our testing were unreliable, inefficient and just a pain to use. Here at Streamline Servers, we asked the question why, and in combination with our partners set out to solve the problem for our dedicated server clients.

This is where the SynergyCP dedicated server platform comes in, it provides an unmatched level of access and control over your dedicated server.



Bandwidth Usage Tracking


Remote Operating System Installs



rDNS System



Interested in these extensive features for your bare metal environment? Pick up an Australian or Singapore dedicated server from Streamline Servers today.

Submitted at 08/11/2018, 16:13pm

Updated: at 08/11/2018, 21:18pm

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