Miscreated Version 1.0

Miscreated is no longer in early access, with the release of a major milestone of version 1.0, taking it into a beta release of the game. All of the originally planned features of the game have now been implemented, with several of them expected to continue to evolve and be improved upon as further development takes place, as well as general game optimization and polishing.


Miscreated 1.0 contains over 100 weapons, 15 types of vehicles, 12 types of AI, 19 main weather patterns, 100 skins, 700 clothing variations, 400 base building parts, and 100s of other gameplay related items.


The changes of Miscreated 1.0 include the following:

- Iron Sons' DLC - New Steam DLC that contains exclusive weapon skins and content

- Self hosted servers - anyone can host their own Miscreated server now - server is a separate download from Steam

- Over 20 new weapons - a wide variety of new weapons are included

- Over 100 new weapon skins - with the exception of exclusive skins they will be randomly awarded as you play

- 100% finished map - including two new huge underground bunkers and general overall polish to the map

- New and improved weather patterns - acid rain and blizzard are new - seek proper gear or shelter indoors as needed

- Exhaustive temperature system - keep an eye on your temperature - many gameplay elements will now affect it

- New base building parts - shutters and shutter walls, hesco barriers, angled walls, water barrels, purifiers, and collectors

- Farming system - Grow crops using planters found in the world or craft some for your base

- Interactive world - Doors, explosive items, powering houses for working lights, ovens, and microwaves

- Audio improvements - Sounds wil now adjust depending on the environment you are in

- 100s of bug fixes and quality of life improvements

In addition to the above changes of version 1.0, the consumable item system has been enhanced to add more gameplay options and depth.

Due to their age, all old items you find in the game (MREs, soda cans, packaged foods, water bottles, canteens) will now be most likely not to be in a pristine state and can make you sick, poisoned or irradiated when consumed. If you are looking for consumables that are safe to eat and drink, you can find them in bunkers and underground as they have been protected from the aftermath of the war.

Most above ground water sources have also been irradiated due to the war. Consuming water from above ground water sources will make you sick. Clean water sources can still be found underground, or you can use the few water pumps located around the world. Water purification tablets can be found around the world as well, which can be added to any refillable water container to purify the water inside of it. For more of an advanced purification method, a water purifier can be constructed in your base that will clean any contaminated water source. If you would rather collect your own clean water, a water collector can be constructed that will collect clean water when it rains, providing you don’t drink it after a radiation storm as the entire contents will have become irradiated. If this does happen though, you can use a water purifier to make it safe to drink.

Jerry cans, water bottles and canteens can now contain a random amount of either diesel fuel or any type of water, so it is worth checking them before drinking from them. Players can choose to fill a canteen with diesel fuel if they choose, to leave for a future traveller to find and hopefully consume to potentially kill them. Rotten vegetables can also be used to poison water, if diesel fuel is not available.

If you are wanting to find out if an item is irradiated, you can use a Survivotron to inspect it. If you do not have one, you should be careful of consuming anything that may appear to be clean to avoid becoming irradiated. The safest way to stay nourished is to kill animals to harvest them for food, or be more civilized and grow crops. All fresh food is perfectly safe to eat.

It will be interesting to find out what is to come in future updates of Miscreated. The game has already been out for a long time, and there is a lot of content available. Time will only tell how much the game improves with future changes and optimizations.


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