Constantly updating and evolving

Streamline is constantly updating and evolving

Last week our CEO, Nathan Harding, flew to Sydney to oversee further upgrades to our network. As many of you know, the technology world is forever changing and we love to keep up to date, giving all of our clients the best experience possible.


What have we upgraded? See below:

•    Installed a new fibre optic 10gigabit aggregated peering connection

•    Added an additional 10gigabit Corero DDoS mitigation which is now online

•    Installed new Supermicro 12 node Microcloud

•    Final testing of our new HPGS range completed (more information to be announced next week)


All of these upgrades were much needed due to the recent growth of Streamline Servers and we cannot be more thankful towards all of our clients.

Some members of the Streamline management team will also be heading over to Singapore next week to release a new product range as well, so keep your eyes peeled for when we post updates.


Corero DDoS protection Upgrades


New HPGS servers are being fired up

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