Unturned RCON - Rocket

The following guide will advise you on how to use RCON on your Unturned server!

Note: This will only work for servers running the Rocket mod (this can be installed via the “Mod Manager”).

Step 1:
Log into your game panel and click ‘Configuration Files’

Step 2:
Click ‘Text Editor’ on Rocket.config.xml (you should see similar to the following):

If the RCON is set to false follow step 3, else skip to step 4.

Step 3: (Only follow if RCON is set as false)
Click ‘Configuration Editor’ on Rocket.config.xml then click ‘save’
Now simply restart your server by pressing ‘Restart’ on the main page.
Now go onto step 4

Step 4:
Copy the password shown here (it is your RCON password)

Step 5:
Navigate back to the main menu and click the ‘Web Console’ button. This will bring up a screen, and prompt you for the password (enter it in the text box)

Step 6:
If you have done this correctly you will now be able to execute commands.

Rocket RCON Commands:

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