Server Hosting Network Location:
Sydney, Australia (AU)
Our Sydney facility is located at Equinix SY4 which is one of the most interconnected buildings in Australia. Equinix SY4 is strategically placed next to all underwater international cables entering Australia and has a direct connection to domestic point of presence providers. This ensures the lowest possible latency for our clients. Due to the central location of this facility, Sydney has emerged as our most popular location for our Australian and New Zealand clientele.

  • Domestic DDOS protection by NSFocus
  • International protection by Staminus and Serverius
  • Juniper MX80 Core Routers
  • Peering with Megaport, PIPE, Equinix IX, Vocus, Exetel and SIS
  • N+1 Block Redundant UPS System
  • Located 2km from Sydney airport and 6km from the CBD
  • Automated server installation
  • No hidden fee's or contracts
Dedicated Game Servers offer you the lag free gaming you desire, ensure you get that positive KD.
Dedicated Minecraft Gaming Servers give you the freedom of control with utter simplicity.
Dedicated Teamspeak Servers give your team the competitive communication edge.
We also offer Dedicated Servers in this location.

Due to the growing sophistication of distributed denial of service attacks it is becoming frequently common for scrubbing center mitigation to be paired with an on-site mitigation device. This is the DDoS mitigation solution that we have implemented at our Sydney location. This hybrid solution provides a more fine-tuned barrier from DDoS attacks as off-site scrubbing centres are better suited for large scale protection whereas onsite in-line mitigation devices can detect and eliminate the smallest of attacks at our network edge.

To better protect our clients at our Sydney location we have paired up with two cloud-based scrubbing centres, Serverius and Staminus. Utilising two cloud-based providers allows us to push our international traffic through different providers in the event of an issue arising with either of these cloud-based sites. This redundant set up is essential in a world where new attack methods are being constantly introduced. The beauty of utilising these two mitigation providers is due to Serverius scrubbing for EU-based traffic while Staminus provides scrubbing for US-based traffic before any of this traffic reaches our Australian infrastructure.

Our domestic DDoS protection is provided by our NSFocus Anti-DDoS mitigation cluster which runs in-line on the network. In-line solutions provide “always-on” protection where each packet entering the network will be inspected prior to reaching a client’s service. These in-line solutions are needed for real-time protection as malicious traffic can be detected and mitigated without disrupting the flow of traffic to the network. Utilising an on-site solution also allows for us to make customer-specific adjustments where needed since generic rules may not apply to all applications. This type of solution is perfect for client needing a custom DDoS mitigation solution.
Specifications of our Syndey Hardware (This is just an example - not a representation of all equipment):
Sydney, Australia CPU RAM HDD
Sydney HPGS Intel i7-5960x OC @ 4.3-4.7ghz 64GB DDR4 1 x 512GB SSD, 1 x 1TB SSD
Sydney Standard x2 Intel Xeon E5 2667v3 @ 3.5ghz 128GB DDR4 1 x 512GB SSD, 1 x 256GB SSD
Our servers are currently available in the following international locations.